First code

I still need to study some aspects of GTK, but tonight I wanted to place a small code base. In this case is not about the GUI, but about the core of the program! I’ve got:

  • A simple configuration class (a few lines of Python and here we go!)
  • GUI selection is configurable (which means that the software is not strictly bound to GTK: different toolkit could be added in future, allowing (for instance) to run seamlessly the stuff under a QT-based environment;
  • Paragraph and Text Block abstractions (i.e. something like an intermediate representation of the text format which an be conveniently translated in Markdown.

I was thinking that, as there’s can be multiple choice in terms of GUI, there could be also room for different output formats besides Markdown. No, I don’t want to end with yet another word processor! The first rule here is simplicity! I’m just saying that Markdown has got many siblings…

Enough for today.


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