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If someone is reading this blog, sorry for being not that active in the last week. The issue here it’s that I’m also working on my master thesis, so from time to time I’ll be simply busy.

Fortunately (or unfortunatey, depending on the point of view), for the moment I’m waiting for my contacts. Free time. Let’s work on this project (for which I decide what to do).

No answer to my question, so I guess I’ll go on keeping my current code, with redundant signals fooling around my application. Maybe I’ll directly write to developers. Not today.

I’ll be working on the plumber-side of the application: markdown encoding.


First code

I still need to study some aspects of GTK, but tonight I wanted to place a small code base. In this case is not about the GUI, but about the core of the program! I’ve got:

  • A simple configuration class (a few lines of Python and here we go!)
  • GUI selection is configurable (which means that the software is not strictly bound to GTK: different toolkit could be added in future, allowing (for instance) to run seamlessly the stuff under a QT-based environment;
  • Paragraph and Text Block abstractions (i.e. something like an intermediate representation of the text format which an be conveniently translated in Markdown.

I was thinking that, as there’s can be multiple choice in terms of GUI, there could be also room for different output formats besides Markdown. No, I don’t want to end with yet another word processor! The first rule here is simplicity! I’m just saying thatĀ Markdown has got many siblingsā€¦

Enough for today.