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Rage programming

  1. Take some rage (it may come from a different source, still counts);
  2. Put it into your code;
  3. Get working status-bars in a very short time;
  4. Swear in a programming language of choice for the remaining time;
  5. ?????
  6. Profit.

What up?


Weird issues

In those days I’ve been busy, so I didn’t continue my work on Notedown. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with a strange behavior of the toolkit.

First working GUI prototype

In the last two days I’ve written a working prototype of the main window that will compose NoteDown. It can be found in the git repository. Supported operations:

  • Text insertion (well, no big issue here, GTK takes care of that);
  • Bold/Italic/anything on selections (still no big issue, the Tutorial covers that);
  • Bold/Italic/anything on current word (zim-style)
  • Least astonishment behavior for Toggle-Buttons in the Toolbar