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Playing with GTK

Unfortunately (well, also reasonably) the tutorial doesn’t give much complete documentation nor details about how everything works. However important information can just be obtained from the GTK C reference manual.

After playing with the Multiline Text Editor example, I started wondering how to save stuff and read formatting information. The documentation about the GtkTextIter component answered my first question, but I need to conceive a good way of retrieving the tags. Nothing I can’t handle.


Let’s start

NoteDown will be written in Python 3, since it fosters a rapid development, and I think it’s very neat. As for the graphical interface, I gave a glance at PyQt, Python TkInter and GTK3, and the latter seems the one which better suits my needs (at least, for the python bindings):┬ásimple, pythonic and and aesthetically good.

Despite I had some experience with GUI-based programming (using QT4 in C++) I’m pretty new with GTK, so I needed a tutorial, and I’ve found this one!