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Rage programming

  1. Take some rage (it may come from a different source, still counts);
  2. Put it into your code;
  3. Get working status-bars in a very short time;
  4. Swear in a programming language of choice for the remaining time;
  5. ?????
  6. Profit.

What up?



If someone is reading this blog, sorry for being not that active in the last week. The issue here it’s that I’m also working on my master thesis, so from time to time I’ll be simply busy.

Fortunately (or unfortunatey, depending on the point of view), for the moment I’m waiting for my contacts. Free time. Let’s work on this project (for which I decide what to do).

No answer to my question, so I guess I’ll go on keeping my current code, with redundant signals fooling around my application. Maybe I’ll directly write to developers. Not today.

I’ll be working on the plumber-side of the application: markdown encoding.